You need physical and digital symbols that communicate “I belong” to a remote work team, your local “tribe”, and the global digital nomad community at large.

Remote workers and digital nomads are two distinct social groups. Both place great emphasis on flexibility and appreciate asynchronous work practices, but while remote workers may be indeed working from their usual residence, digital nomads move from place to place every few months.

Both groups, however, share the need for specially tailored gestures of appreciation to keep the team spirit alive. These need to be delivered regularly and cost effectively, and will become ever more important as remote work becomes the norm rather than a special case.


How can these bursts of dopamine be disseminated regularly, without straining the HR budget? How can you test what works and what does not, adjust accordingly, and do it all quickly and efficiently? We could easily argue that digital collectible goods are made just for this. Their unique nature means the owner / wearer / user is individually recognised, while specially crafted common features identify that person as a member of a given group.