Publishers and media producers are competing for attention in a challenging environment.

While it has never been easier to create and disseminate high quality content, competition for attention is also at an all time high. Audiences are spoilt for choice, and that is even before accounting for all the inconsequential, mass produced stuff that is aimed at everybody, and thus wastes everybody’s time.   

Producers of high quality media content need to develop their audiences just as they develop their programming. Of course, this has been the case for a long time now, and the job has never been easy. Challenges present themselves regardless of whether you are running a small shop or belong to a major company.  

These days, however, digital collectibles provide means of funding projects, rewarding audience members for their interest and loyalty and building a community of readers or viewers in parallel. Whether your product is analogue or digital, a layer of NFT-powered collectibles can be laid over the top. This can take the form of new means of funding individual chapters of a serialised novel, building an audience for a a character-based film with added stories within the show universe offered only to holders of digital collectibles, or re-engagement of a fan body for a decades-old show being revived.