Collectico Labs offers an enterprise-grade system for NFT creation and management. Designed for professionals, the platform makes it easy for brands to engage their fan niches and their audiences with cool experiences and valuable utility. 

Using Collectico’s do-it-yourself tools brands, artist managers, sports associations and so on are able to quickly produce, test and release series of NFTs with various functionality, including an ability to tie the digital and the physical.

We are offering a game changing approach to NFT creation – focused not just on servicing crypto-savvy users but, in the main, on building opportunities for brands to easily create, test and manage their NFT collections in ways that are silky-smooth for fans to claim, collect and trade. 

We select working environments according to the individual needs of each project.

Since we place the greatest emphasis on simplicity and understandability for “normal people”, we have chosen the Flow blockchain as the foundation for our solution. Flow is a fast, decentralised and mainstream-ready blockchain that is also considerably more environmentally preferable to most alternatives. Flow combines a novel architecture with the best technological advancements in blockchain design and cryptography features.