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Collectico Labs are building a zero-code, enterprise-grade, white label NFT production platform, so brands and organisations may be able to quickly design, test, release and manage NFT-based programmes as incentives, rewards, engagement mechanisms and other use cases.

Collectico’s platfrom is designed from the ground up with one simple principle in mind – in order for ordinary people to enter the exciting world of NFTs en-masse, the process needs to be made simple, smooth and inexpensive. Collectico is made for people who are passionate about collecting, not necessarily about wallets, crypto and native tokens.

Collectico’s primary focus is focused on sports, entertainment and the arts – as those are the areas with the largest, most easily identifiable cohorts of passionate fans, and most engaged audiences. In addition we are examining the potential for NFTs in education and several other areas.

We are convinced that our clients will be able to build value effectively when we enable them to create something new and exciting, cool, useful and beautiful. Using Collectico’s do-it-yourself tools brands, artist managers, sports associations and so on will be able to quickly produce, test and release series of NFTs with varying functions that, for instance, may tie the digital and the physical, with access to special events or products for example.

The field is wide open since the market has been shaken into action by the excitement around NFTs but most of its response, for the moment, remains at the level of brands building custom tools or trying to shoehorn enterprise efforts into platforms designed for retail.

Tell us about your founder journey


Our founding team has substantial experience in both company building and consulting. This gives us flexibility and agility in our approaches to selling and delivery as much as to design and production of our services.

I have had a 20+ year career as a software engineer and company builder, right up to my current role as the managing partner at a startup incubator. (I’m always glad to mention that before I was a software developer, I had had solid grounding with an engineering degree – this helps me think on different levels at once.) My formative project in an executive role was to help a fledgling startup grow into a major telecommunications player (PLAY.) I have since then, and among other projects, run a small software house, served as Business Development Director for the largest tech conference in our region and created three tech startups, including a cutting-edge semantic search company. Over the last four years or so I have served as the Managing Partner at Rebels Valley, a hybrid consulting boutique working in part for intrapreneurship projects within companies and organisations, and in part as an incubator for regional and national startup programmes. I have been a mentor at Founder Institute, MIT Enterprise Forum, PwC Startup Collider and other high-profile hubs and startup platforms.

Our CTO is one of the leading blockchain specialists in the country, with huge experience in complex financial projects, among others. Our COO is actually also a software engineer, who has over the last decade served in senior management roles as a technology executive, while our Chief Creative & Communications Officer is a multi-skilled creative, executive communication advisor and serial entrepreneur.

All of us have worked together with one or two of the other team members for a long time on consulting projects and on various technology implementations. I am excited to say, this is the best team I have ever been able to assemble and, what is particularly exciting, it has come together organically – which, to me, is in itself a powerful validation that “the time is now” for us, both as individuals and as a team.