A thousand true fans are worth a lot more than a hundred thousand casual observers.

This has been known for a while, of course, but it is only now that digital goods offer a straightforward, fast way to implement project funding, community building and fan engagement all at the same time.  For the first time in history, we can create engagement that is as focused on the individual fan as much it is able to be built at massive scale.

Musicians, visual artists, writers, film makers and others are now busy demonstrating this key fact. They are building relationships enabled by technology and far more personal than they ever have been. Success, for artists and creatives, now means individual relationships with relatively small groups of “superfans”, rather than continuously attempting to build visibility in a crowded mass market that requires ever increasing energy inputs.


How can you tie together the digital and the virtual, in very specific ways, designed to target very precisely the interests and passions of superfans? How do you deliver amazing extra value of the kind people really appreciate? How do you make yourself more available to their fans while retaining distance and privacy?


Personalisation of NFTs gives them high emotional value while producing them at scale satisfies the personal emotional wants of large numbers of fans – all without drawing on the star’s already scarce time and energy. Build your brand, build you audience and build your revenue with a well executed digital collectible programme.