This is an ongoing list of items ticked off the roadmap, milestones reached, contracts signed, awesome people brought on board, …. you know, the bread and butter of every startup out there.

They are presented as a single scroll, with the latest items at the top.

April 2022

Back end

Working on the backend in our Version 2 of the proof-of-concept. 

It’s not exactly the sexiest looking part of the system but without it nothing happens.

March 2022

Platform home

We spent the second half of March on building a proof-of-concept of the platform. Starting from scratch, in under two weeks we built an efficient backend and a front end that looks better than most NFT platforms’ production versions, but hey, who are we to gloat.

The POC has a Blocto wallet integrated, to demonstrate the ease of interaction for which we are aiming throughout, and contains a couple of mocked up series of commemorative NFTs created for a dummy MMA Federation.

A demo walkthrough of the POC is available on our Videos page – just look for the screen that’s a big splash of pink.