Your imagination is literally the only limiting factor in what can be created with digital collectible goods.
Brands, entertainers, artists and athletes can quickly design, test, and release NFT-based collections – as incentives, rewards, engagement programmes and anything else you can dream up. On Collectico’s platform, creation is simplified and ongoing management of multiple collections is a breeze.

Create NFT-based campaigns that suit your purposes precisely,
without relying on external marketplaces or needing to know how to code.
Connect on-chain and off-chain objects and experiences and set up payments in ordinary currencies quickly, and with low transaction fees.

You're in control:

Build, release and manage sets of digital collectible goods under your own brand and on your own terms. Deploy and manage digital goods at any scale of project. 
Your digital goods should be flexible and yours to control. With Collectico’s zero-code, enterprise grade platform, they are.

Ideate : Create : Test : Measure : Release : Manage
Our platform allows you to follow this structured process
to build successful digital collectible offerings quickly
and manage multiple collections effectively.

Digital collectible goods are “digital glue” that can connect people, objects, experiences, locations and money in entirely new ways – and provide new solutions to multi-layered problems.
• Raising funds while building a community?
• Incentivising teams to perform well under changing conditions?
• Engaging customers and fans in new, personalised ways?
How will you use them?
  • Customer motivation

    Keeping the customer motivated is key to success - theirs and yours. Create incentives that are as fun to use as they are effective and give your customers more good reasons to keep coming back.

  • Membership certificates

    Weird and wonderful profile pictures are cool, but they are just the start of what can be achieved with digital collectibles that function as membership certificates with effective additional features.

  • Employee networks

    Spontaneous interactions within informal employee networks are contributing to the their employers' success. Add layers of digital collectibles to enhance such networks and reward key people.

  • Philanthropy and relief work

    Charity organisations need effective ways to say thank you. Digital collectibles are a fundraising mechanism that offers built in ways to express individual gratitude and appreciation.

  • Conferences and seminars

    Engaging participants beyond the immediate duration of an event is a challenge. Using digital collectibles event organisers can create programmes that enhance lasting engagement.

  • Publishing and media production

    Publishers and media producers are competing for attention in a challenging environment. Digital collectibles provide parallel means of funding projects and building a community of fans.

  • Remote work

    Are you part of a remote work team, a local “tribe”, and the global digital nomad community at large? Digital collectibles can connect and deliver physical and digital symbols that say “I belong” to all these groups.

  • Independent creatives

    A thousand true fans are worth a lot more than a hundred thousand casual observers. Reward their passion and loyalty with tailored digital collectibles so you can concentrate on creating.

  • Corporate training

    Effective ways to encourage ongoing engagement once the training is over are needed more than ever. Find ew ways of crafting such engagement by experimenting with digital collectibles.

Set your goals, build and deploy quickly:

Digital collectibles can power your strategy in entirely new ways – from driving customer engagement to building brand loyalty and from rewarding groups of people large and small in subtle, personalised ways to market-winning retail promotions.
Brand building that is as personalised as it is scaleable, without the need to commission and maintain custom software. (Have a read HERE of how we envisage NFT-powered brand community ecosystems, btw.)

Reward, incentivise and measure:

Think of all the different ways in which you have always wanted to connect with individual fans or customers, then make it happen – simply and quickly. 
•   Retail promotions: collectible digital goods add up to a compelling story
•   Incentives: gamified programmes designed to build collective spirit
•   Audience engagement: perks and special access to reward fans and loyal customers.

Provide collectible badges of achievement:

Whether it’s a fitness regime, an educational programme or any other formula where achievement of progressive goals is core to your purpose, digital collectibles are an elegant way to provide verifiable certification while offering additional layers of community building, gamification and broad promotional reach.

Connect anything:

Using this digital glue of digital collectibles, you can seamlessly weave together spaces and experiences in both virtual and physical worlds. As you fill them with objects, both digital and their physical doubles, they are marked as yours to control. And you will be minting on Flow, a blockchain designed to achieve huge scale without wrecking our planet!

The time is now:

You are early. The world is at the threshold of retail-level adoption of digital goods, in particular digital collectibles. Access and participation are being simplified, and ways to interact with these collections are coming into your living room. Get ready for mass adoption!
Collectico’s platform is designed from the ground so ordinary people can enter the exciting world of digital collectibles. It is simple, smooth and inexpensive because Collectico is made for people who are passionate about belonging, collecting and contributing and not necessarily about wallets, crypto and native tokens.